members at table

Industry Benefits

Dues-paying members of CIRCAD will be represented on an Advisory Board to prioritize and guide the pre-competitive research conducted by CIRCAD’s university faculty, students, and staff. CIRCAD will also serve as a nexus for its members to exchange ideas and needs with each other, government and non-government entities, climate-threatened communities, and specialized academic programs, centers, and institutes. Further, CIRCAD will be a pipeline for talent, providing members with access to students trained and tested in the skills required for work in this field. By joining forces and pooling resources through CIRCAD, the ability of members to advance the commercial, social, and economic benefits of improved climate risk management will be greatly magnified.

Industry Members

We currently have the active engagement of over 30 industry partners. These include a group of insurers that represent a broad spectrum of leaders on climate risk, the most active global climate and catastrophe reinsurance firms, some of the world’s largest insurance brokers, and a broad and diverse set of industry service providers, including technical data suppliers, catastrophe modeling firms, actuarial support services, innovation facilitators and messaging experts. Finally, we have engaged a set of leading non-insurance partners to help us amplify our impact by connecting us with entities well beyond the insurance sector to disseminate the knowledge and tools produced by our research. During our current planning phase we are working to further diversify our membership by recruiting large commercial lines firms, mutual insurers, as well as firms in the banking sector, rating agencies, investors, insurance regulators, and local government organizations. Together, this collection of parties represents not only an broad array of actors from across the climate value chain, but individually represent some of the best informed and most advanced thinkers in their fields.